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Male genital aesthetics solve genital problems which cause serious trust problems and sexual reluctance issues. Parallel to these problems, and to increase awareness of improved surgery methods, the number of genital aesthetic surgeries has increased at a great deal in recent years.


Mostly, the genital problems in males are; the shortness and thin body of the penis. The main options to repair these issues are; lengthening the penile body with the help of appropriate techniques for shortness, and injecting fat for thinness.

Genital area aesthetic surgeries are often carried out under a combination of local anesthesia and sedation anesthesia. In both types of anesthesia, some prior anesthesia medications are applied to the patient to relieve the tension before the surgery so that he does not feel any pain during the surgery. It is important that the patient, who is intended to undergo sedation anesthesia after the interview period before anesthesia, does not consume any foods or beverages starting at least 6 hours prior to the surgery.

Genital area aesthetic surgery takes approximately 45 minutes.

Post-Operative Period

In patients who undergo genital aesthetics surgery, if lengthening is carried out, the sutures are placed on the testicular sac. In patients who undergo thickening surgery, fat tissues are given with the help of thin cannulas. For this reason, there are no significant scars in either surgery approaches. Patients, who are discharged on the same day or the following day, may have a bath after the 2nd postoperative day; and may have sexual intercourse after 2 or 3 weeks depending on the surgical procedure.

The mild pain and sense of tingling that starts at the 2nd postoperative hour is common and may be controlled completely by simple painkillers. It is important that you use antibiotics and painkillers for postoperative 1 week, and apply the recommended massage without interruption.


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