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Gynecomastia is the key to breast enlargement in males (gynecomastia) problem that creates aesthetic discomfort and causes psychological problems affecting social lives. Sometimes this appears before us as such a big problem that patients start to choose clothes to hide this.


There are two different causes on the basis of gynecomastia. The first of these is the increase in the mammary glands, which exists in males similar to those in females; and the other one is the increase only in adipose tissue, which is not related to the mammary glands. The diagnosis is made with the examination, and ultrasound is an important step in finalizing the diagnosis.

There are different techniques in gynecomastia repairs. In patients who suffer from gynecomastia due to an increase in the fat tissues, Liposuction is the main treatment. You can get rid of this problem forever with the high-definition liposuction application, which will be applied with careful and anatomical transitions kept in mind. In patients who have increased in the breast tissue in addition to the increase in fat tissue, Liposuction alone is often not adequate during the repair process; and it is necessary to remove the stiffness with a half-moon incision that is applied on the lower part of the nipple (the brown area and the junction of the skin).

The Surgery

In Gynecomastia repair surgery, the patient is asked not to consume foods or beverages 6 hours before the surgery. After this fasting period, patients who are admitted to the hospital are taken to their rooms; and are evaluated for the last time by the anesthetist and me. At this stage, firstly, photographs are taken and surgery drawings are made. Following the sedative drug administration, patients who have decreased tension and stress are taken to the surgery.

The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and takes approximately 45 minutes.

Post-operative Period

When you recover after the surgery, you will have a bandage and a shape-giving corset on your chest. You will be taken to your room after you recover, and your pain will be kept under control with regular analgesics. I do not use drains in patients to whom Liposuction repair is applied. However, in patients who undergo surgical breast tissue excision, I use drains and remove them on the following day.


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