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Eyebrow lifting surgery, lift these areas upwards causes an opening in the face and provides a more vivid look. Low eyebrows make the face of most women look older than they really are, and cause a sad image. Although Botox is an alternative to surgery to eliminate the low areas in the corners of the eyebrows, it is the biggest disadvantage that the effect is temporary. Patients who wish permanent treatment instead of this are suitable candidates for the suspension of the eyebrow corners.


The Surgery

Eyebrow lifting surgery, the patient is asked not to consume foods or beverages 6 hours before the surgery. After this fasting period, patients who are admitted to hospital are taken to their rooms; and are evaluated by the anesthetist and me for the last time. At this stage, firstly, photographs are taken and operation drawings are made. Following the administration of sedative medication, patients who have reduced tension and stress are taken to the surgery.

The surgery is carried out under local anesthesia and sedation and the operation duration is approximately 45 minutes. The incisions are made within the scalp in the surgery, and no visible scars are left on the face after the surgery.

Post-Operative Period

When you recover after the surgery, you will not have any visible dressings. You will be taken to your room when you recover. I discharge my patients on the same day if there are no complications. As of the 2nd day, you can take a bath and return to your normal life.


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