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Ear Aesthetic – Otoplasty is one of the most important areas of activity in plastic surgery. It is the correction of congenital and later-acquired ear deformities. The most frequently seen among these deformities is the prominent ear. It may cause serious problems in the social lives of patients.


Although the preschool period is the ideal time for the repair of prominent ear deformity, the repair may be performed at a later age in most patients. The correction of the prominent ear, Ear Aesthetic – otoplasty is often carried out with a posterior incision under local anesthesia.  Therefore, there are no significant scars left after surgery.

The Surgery

Ear Aesthetic – otoplasty, prominent ear repair is often carried out under local anesthesia; however, sedation is also applied in some patients. Patients who will undergo the surgery under sedation and local anesthesia must not consume foods and beverages for 6 hours prior to the surgery, which is not necessary for patients who will undergo surgery under local anesthesia. After this fasting period, patients who are admitted to hospital are taken to their rooms and are evaluated for the last time by me and the anesthetist. At this step, firstly, photographs are taken, and surgery drawings are made.

The average surgery time is 1 hour.

Post-Operative Period

After the Ear Aesthetic – otoplasty surgery, there will be shape-giving cotton and bandages on both ears. The first follow-up of my patients, who are discharged on the same day after surgery, is carried out on the 2nd day. I perform my second follow-up on the 4th day, and I use the shaping sportsman bands for 1 week as of this time. You can go back to your social life after 5-7 days.


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