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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a solution for women who are complaining about the size of their breasts. Big breasts constitute a big problem for women in terms of visuality and functionality. In most women, large and saggy breasts are perceived as uncomfortable in aesthetic terms. In addition to aesthetic worries, the contact between the breast and the skin of the abdomen creates an airless and closed environment and causes color changes, susceptibility to fungal infections, itching, and irritations. In addition to skin problems, one of the most important complaints of patients who have big breasts is severe neck and back pains.


All patients complaining about the size of their breasts are candidates for breast reduction surgery. Here, the most important point is bringing the breast to the desired size with the technique that will leave the least amount of scars.

Many different techniques have been defined for breast reduction surgeries. These methods leave scars at different sizes and structures. These marks are basically in the forms of “Reverse T” or “Lollipop” shape.

My personal preference in breast reduction surgery is the short-scar breast reduction operation technique that leaves a lollipop-shaped scar. In this method, the scars can be hidden completely in the underwear; and there are no visible scars, especially in the décolleté area.

The Surgery

In breast reduction surgery, the patient is asked not to consume foods or beverages 6 hours before the surgery. After this fasting period, patients who are admitted to the hospital are taken to their rooms; and are evaluated for the last time by the anesthetist and me. At this stage, firstly, photographs are taken and surgery drawings are made. Following the sedative drug administration, patients who have decreased tension and stress are taken to the surgery.

The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2.5 hours.

The Post-Operative Period

When you recover after the surgery, there will be a bandage on your chest, and shaping underwear on this bandage. I do not often use drains in breast reduction surgery. However, I usually make this decision during surgery. You will be taken to your room when you recover.

The biggest reason for the patients who are afraid of this surgery is the fear of having pain. Contrary to expectations, breast reduction surgery is not a surgery in which you will have serious pain. In addition, postoperative analgesics will relieve your complaints at a great deal.

I discharge my patients who stay in the hospital one night following the surgery on the next day. As of the 4th day, you can take bath; and as of the 7th day, you can return to your normal life.


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