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Arm Lifts Surgery is the recovery of the skin and soft tissue of the arm area between the elbow and the shoulder joint. Especially in cases of severe weight gain and losses, significant sagging appears in this area, which affects the social life of most patients. The most common complaint of these patients is especially that they cannot wear short-sleeved clothes.


Arm lifts surgery can be carried out as part or as full arm stretching. Partial arm-lifts can be applied to patients who have relatively less sagging and in patients with sagging near the shoulder joint. However, full arm-lifts is mostly preferred in patients who want to recover the arm towards the elbow. The scars are planned to remain under the armpit in the partial arm-stretching process, and no scars are left; however, in full arm stretching, a further vertical scar that extends downwards inside the arm is added. In both arms lift surgery types, there is a significant benefit in combining Liposuction in addition to the surgery. In this way, it is possible to achieve a more harmonious outcome with smooth transitions.

The Surgery

The patient is asked not to consume any foods and beverages 6 hours before the Arm Stretching Surgery. After this fasting period, the patients who are hospitalized are taken to the surgery room and evaluated for the last time by me and by the anesthetist. After administering a sedative, the patients whose nervousness and stress are decreased are taken to the surgery.

The surgery takes approximately 1.5 hours and is carried out under general anesthesia

Post-operative period

When you recover after the surgery, you will have a corset on your arms, which you will use for about 15 days. It is important for you to keep your arms up for the first 3 days after surgery for healing. Especially, if you place a pillow under your arms in the supine position, it will provide sufficient height.

I discharge my patients who stay in the hospital one night following the surgery on the next day. As of the 4th day, you can take bath; and as of the 7th day, you can return to your normal life.


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