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Tipplasty – Tip of nose aesthetics is a component of the nose aesthetic surgery, sometimes it is also applied as a separate surgery. Particularly patients, who are satisfied with the back of their nose and its base width, and who complain of the side, low, fleshy and rough view of the nose, are ideal candidates of the Tipplasty. In this surgery, the cartilage that forms the tip of the nose is re-shaped, and the structure and angle of the tip that is in the dream of the patient is achieved. Since the nose is localized in the middle of the face and has a 3D structure, it forms the uttermost point of the face pyramid; and the uttermost point of it is the tip of the nose.



The patient is asked not to consume any foods and beverages 6 hours before the Tipplasty surgery. After this fasting period, the patients who are hospitalized are taken to the surgery room and evaluated for the last time by me and by the anesthetist. After administering a sedative, the patients whose nervousness and stress are decreased are taken to the surgery.

Tipplasty is carried out with one of the two techniques; Open or Closed Technique. My personal preference is shaping the tip of the nose with the Closed Technique.

The nose-tip aesthetic surgery, i.e. the Tipplasty takes approximately 1 hour and often carried out under general anesthesia.

Post-operative period

At the end of the surgery, when patients recover, they are taken to their rooms. In this period, different analgesics are applied, and the optimum comfort of patients is provided. I keep my patients in the hospital for one night and discharge them the next morning. I do not often use buffers after surgery; however, in patients for whom I use them, I remove them 6 hours after the surgery. I remove the splint I place in the back of the nose on the 4th day after the surgery, and then I do not apply a second splint.

All patients can easily return to work on the 5th day following the surgery. The nose can take its final shape after approximately 3-6 months after the edema is eliminated.


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