• Posted Temmuz 19, 2018

    I Feel great, I can sit, no pain at all, no more garment! I still can feel that my some areas are sore, I definetly am not 100% recovered but I am fine! And most of all, I LOOOOVEE my results!

  • Posted Ocak 3, 2019

    I’m still so happy with my body. A big thank you to Dr Serbulent

  • Posted Temmuz 6, 2019

    You are such an awesome doctor, and I’m so glad that I had you for my surgery. God bless you” I cannot thank you enough for not only being the best surgeon for me, but for being the most caring, gentle, and understanding person I could have asked for.

  • Posted Temmuz 7, 2019

    I had a previous BBL with another surgeon which led to infection and 2 surgeries to remove abscesses. Apart from this I was not happy with the way the lipo was removed from my inner thigh or my upper arms.
    I went to Dr Serbulent for a consultation and he assured me he could make the huge scar on my buttock nicer and redo my BBL.
    I am sooooo happy with his work.
    I had zero pain after my procedure and was up and around walking fine.
    My scar is 100 times better looking and my BBL results are fantastic.
    I am now 6mths post op with no complications and hardly any loss of volume.
    Dr Serbulent continues to keep in touch with me or any questions I have and is so helpful and reassuring.
    I cannot thank him enough for giving me back my confidence and making me feel good about myself again.

  • Posted Temmuz 8, 2019

    Last year I decided to change myself I found Dr Serbulant on Instagram wasn’t sure about traveling abroad for surgery but now I know it was best decision made!
    I got done full body vaser liposuction Brest uplift with implants and BBL
    Its 8 months post surgery results are amazing my butt is perfect. Self confidence buzzing like never before
    I can highly recommend Doctor Serbulant!

  • Posted Temmuz 8, 2019

    I had BBL + LIPO surgery in the month of May with Dr. serbulent. Everything was arranged perfectly and he made me so beautiful. He knows what he is talking about and what suits you best. The hotel was also super nice. Five star hotel with large rooms and perfect service. The hotel is less than 10 meters from the hospital. The people you are helped in the hospital are super helpful. In a word, everything was just perfect. I want to undergo more surgery at doctor serbulent. I can not wait!! ????

  • Posted Temmuz 28, 2019

    One word! THE BEST DOCTOR. I did a lipo BBL. I cant wish better. He is magical. Next year i will choice Dr Serbulent to do my breast lift with sillicons. I am so happy with my new body. Dr Serbulent magical hands.

  • Posted Ekim 7, 2019

    Dr Serbulent performed my breast implant exchange and enlargement last week in Turkey and I am over the moon with my results! I had my old breast implants for 7yrs which were spaced so far apart, had stretched from breastfeeding and had lots of loose skin after my two babies.
    I decided to have a breast enlargement instead of an uplift and my implants were changed from 470cc (30ff) to 825cc (my bra size is yet to be measured) which is almost twice the size of what I previously had!
    Whilst I know some ladies would only want to go up by a cup size or two, it was my intention to be as large as possible in order to close the wide gap in the middle of my breasts as I could fit a WHOLE HAND between them before surgery, yet now I can only fit a finger space which is exactly what I wanted.
    I’m beyond thrilled with my results, which are personal to myself and I get that most wouldn’t want to be as big-busted as I am, but as a bodybuilder it works well to balance out my body as I’m tall and athletic and naturally flat-chested.
    Dr Serbulent is incredible at what he does, my results are flawless and my recovery has been so quick and easy, I cannot thank him enough for changing my life with my new breasts – I feel like a woman reborn.
    I’d heard horror stories about dangerous surgeries abroad and botched operations and my friends and family all questioned my desire to fly to Turkey alone for surgery, which is understandably a big decision. Dr Serbulent is fluent in English, highly skilled, specialises in breasts and works from a state of the art medical facility where I recovered with constant medical support and care so that I could return home to my family the following week well rested and perfectly comfortable.
    Throughout my surgery I was fully informed, taken care of and listened to throughout and I got EXACTLY what I asked for – I really couldn’t be happier! I haven’t stopped smiling from the moment I woke up and saw my results.
    The entire process has been so easy for me as a patient and taken the stress out of arranging my treatment, transfers, accommodation etc as this was all taken care of for me, all I had to do was show up and go to sleep.
    If Dr Serbulent decided to move to America or Australia I wouldn’t think twice about travelling to him for more surgery because he’s an expert in what he does, distance is no option, the results speak for themselves x x x

  • Posted Ekim 24, 2019

    What can I say? Nothing but GOOD when it comes
    to dr Serbulent. He did my BBL, NOSE, and breasts. BBL: happy, nose: happy but breast?!! I am
    OVER THE MOON. He did the 6th augmentation on me. I had a lot of problems in the past and ever since I went over the muscle? I never had cleavage again. One doctor said I should be considered
    A problem in plastic surgery. Just an impossible case. I almost gave up. I been hiding my breast for many many years and I am still young. ( early 30’s) I wanted to see dr Serbulent for my nose and I was doubting if I should let him to this apparently impossible job of doing my breasts. I was thinking about it forever but then I just thought “ he is the right guy and I trust him” . I woke up and OMG it was all I ever wanted. I am so happy I can buy low cut tops again after years of hiding that part of my body. Yeah it was that bad. Even when he saw my previous job , he said something like “‘my god what have they done” . Doctor Serbulent is the guy if you want a BBL done , your breast but also nose . He can give you what you want . Wether it is more a natural result or more extreme. This doc is a magician in his field and I would recommend him
    100%. He changed my life for the better and
    Now I Finally have peace when it comes to my breasts. And best of all? My confidence is back!!

  • Posted Şubat 27, 2020

    Perfect doctor, perfect job. Thank you for my new nose……

  • Posted Mart 4, 2020

    Last year, I came to Turkey to get bbl surgery. It was very difficult to take this decision because I was very scared of the surgery. But Serbulent explained all the steps of the surgery and recovery. He and his team were really good to take care of me and finally, I had my dream butt. Thank all of you guys.

  • Posted Mart 15, 2020
    by Carla Belandria

    I’m Venezuelan living in Holland and my country is the paradise of plastic surgeons.. but i have to tell that the Dr. Serbulent and his team are more than awesome.. perfect job, perfect times.. the doctor did exactly what i asked for and he always told me the true because i had previous liposuctions.. Im totally happy and absolutelly recommend the doctor. I did my breast (reduction) and a lipo and even my brother who is a doctor in USA and came with me was very happy with the professionalisms of the whole team! Thanks Doctor to make me more than happy!! As I told you, you are the best ❤️

  • Posted Mart 18, 2020

    My overall experience with The SG Clinic was great. I had surgery for the breast augmentation with Dr. Serbulent. He is a professional and knows what he is doing. He and his team keep answering your question even if you are back in your country. Thank you for everything. I will keep making your advertisement with my awesome breasts 🙂

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