Rhinoplasty Surgery – Nose Job is a surgery to change the size, shape or proportions of the nose. It may be done to repair deformities from an injury, correct a congenital anomaly, or improve breathing difficulties.

The upper portion of the structure of the nose is bone, the lower portion is cartilage. In the surgery bone, cartilage, skin, or all three can get changed.

Dr. Serbülent Güzey will consider the other facial features, the skin on the nose, and the desired change while planning the surgery. The surgery of each patient is planned and customized individually.

Before the surgery

Medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen must be avoided for two weeks before and after surgery. These medications may increase bleeding. Also, herbal remedies and over-the-counter supplements must be avoided too.
Smoking must be stopped before surgery. Smoking slows the healing process after surgery and can cause you to more likely to urge an infection.

During the surgery

The surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. The incisions can be inside the nose or through a small external cut at the base of the nose and/ or between the nostrils. Depending on how much the nose’s structure has to get changed, Dr. Serbülent Güzey can change the shape of the nasal bones or cartilage in several ways.  For small changes, he may use cartilage taken from inside the nose. For larger changes, he can use cartilage from the ear or the rib. After these changes are made he places the nose’s skin and tissue back and stitches the incisions.

After the surgery

Bruising and swelling may occur after the surgery. These symptoms may increase on the second day following surgery and then steadily improve thereafter; this is normal. The amount of bruising varies from one person to the next. Most swelling occurs around the eyes some bruising may track down and discolor the cheek area.

Some bloody nasal discharge is to be expected after the surgery. At the completion of the surgery, a plastic nasal dressing is placed on the outside of the nose and plastic splints are placed on the inside of the nose.

Both the internal and external nasal dressings are removed in 5-7 days after surgery. After removing the dressings, tapes are applied which must be worn for another 7 days. The best thing is that the face is considered as a whole together with the nose.

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