PRP is an effective and natural application yielding excellent results. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is defined as the plasma that is enriched with platelet cells. It is often applied in sagging skins, scars, wrinkles, hair losses, scars, and acne scars. PRP is obtained by placing the blood taken from the person that will undergo PRP to special tubes and is obtained with the help of the centrifuge device. The Platelet cells that are obtained in this way initiate the process by secreting growth factors, which carry out clotting and repair the damage in the area to be treated. These growth factors increase the activation of the stem cells in the surrounding tissues, and your own cells are activated in eliminating the skin damage.

One of the most frequent applications is hair loss. The hair follicles, which lose their vitality, begin to fall in time. It is injected into the hairy scalp to regenerate the hair follicles and to have a natural appearance again. After the application, hair follicles begin to revive, and lively hair follicles are obtained in the furthering process. It is also used to support the treatment in hair transplantation surgeries to provide healthy, thick and dense hair. In this way, the success rates increase in hair transplantation.

If there are stains, acne, scars, and wrinkles, the vitality, brightness, naturalness becomes visible when the skin renewal process begins.

The Treatment

Continuity is the basic principle to achieve an effective result from the treatment. For this, 5-6 treatment sessions are required. It is done with two-week intervals. It is applied with the help of very fine needles by applying local anesthetic creams to the application area. The application period takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes. After the application, the individual returns to normal life.

As PRP is a therapy that is derived from the individual himself/herself, it does not have any risks of allergy and is preferred frequently. It has medical applications in many areas like intra-articular and chronic wound areas, and there are numerous scientific articles on its positive results in addition to plastic surgery applications.

The important point in PRP applications is the quality of the preparation kit that will be used. For this reason, it will be proper if you check which kit is used in the center where PRP will be applied, and whether the injection of the PRP material that is prepared with this kit is approved by any health institution.