Facelift without surgery operations is realized with Ulthera Technique which is among the many skin-tightening techniques, the most important and the most efficient one. Although various methods are employed in this respect, the layers causing the sagging at the bottom of the skin are corrected by using sound waves (ultrasound energy), and the results are; tightening of the skin, recovery, and a younger appearance. This method, which is employed effectively in the face area, is also used to lift the sagging cheeks that occur because of aging, lift the low eyebrows that occur because of gravity, thinning the face depending on weight gain, eliminating the sagging under the jaw area, and correcting the wrinkles in the neck area.

The patients who are treated with the Ulthera Method see the partial effects immediately. The basic aim is to eliminate the collagen loss and to increase new collagen. In this way, the process of stretching and tightening of the skin starts. The intervention shows itself after three months. When this time period reaches six months, the treatment is completed, and the desired results are achieved.

Ulthera is applied in one single session and is sufficient for treatment outcomes. The application time takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the process to be applied. In all face and neck session, a 1-hour period is adequate. The patient may return to normal daily life after the intervention.

The intervention is carried out by touching the skin with the device heads that are similar to the ultrasound probes. The treatment and imaging are done with the help of these probes, which display the deep tissues on the Ulthera Device. Sound waves are sent to 3 mm and 4.5 mm depths. The intervention does not cause any problems in the face area. In addition, when it is supported by Botox and filling materials, a more aesthetic facial appearance is obtained. This intervention is especially preferred by patients who are scared of surgery or who are at an earlier age for surgery for these purposes.