Maxillary Aesthetics solves the Maxillary irregularities that may be associated with biting problems or may appear before us alone. Those that apply with biting problems are characterized by the shifting of the jaw forward, backward or right-left. Apart from this, jaw problems alone are mostly in the form of protruding of the tip of the jaw, or on the contrary, small and backward placement of the jaw.

Patients who have jaw disorders together with biting problems are candidates for a long-lasting treatment process. In these patients, the treatment schedule is decided following the joint evaluation of the orthodontic department. In this respect, the upper and lower jaw of the patient is taken to the desired position by making the orthodontic treatment and operation calculations. In patients who have problems in the tip of the jaw, the jaw tip is rasped if there is excessive growth; and if it is smaller than the expected size, contour correction is applied with jaw tip prosthesis.

The Surgery

For Maxillary Aesthetics surgery, the patient is asked not to consume foods and beverages 6 hours before the surgery. After this fasting period, the patients who are admitted to hospital are taken to their rooms; and are evaluated for the last time by the anesthetist and me. At this stage, firstly, photographs are taken, and surgery drawings are made. After a sedative medication is applied, patients whose tension and stress are reduced are taken to surgery.

The surgery is often carried out under general anesthesia, and although the surgery duration varies according to the surgery type, it varies between 45 minutes and 4 hours. The incisions during the surgery remain within the mouth and no scars are seen from outside.

Post-operative Period

When you recover after surgery, there will be bandages and mask on your face. You can take a bath as of the 3rd day, and you can return to your normal life as of the 5-6th days. I discharge my patients who undergo mandibular tip aesthetics after postoperative 1 night’s hospital stay. The patients who undergo advanced procedures (those with biting problems) are discharged preferably after 2-3 nights’ hospital stay.

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