The last few years have been defined as “butt years” in plastic surgery. There are significant increases in the number of patients who undergo butt aesthetics parallel to current preferences. Especially the concept of the Brazilian Butt has received wide demand all over the world. It has created a new concept “Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL)”.

There are generally different expectations that patients ask for in butt aesthetic surgery. The most common one among these is the widespread growth of the butt. Other demands include recovery of the sagging in the butt, removal of local collapses in the butt.

In general, there are two main options for the treatment of patients who want to enlarge the butt or to correct the sagging. One of these options is injecting fat to the butt, and the other option is to enlarge the butt with the help of implants (silicone). In patients who are planned to enlarge butt by fat injection, after the fat tissues taken from the whole body with the help of liposuction are prepared. They are given back to the areas where the butt is desired to be enlarged by using cannulas.

In patients who are planned to receive enlargement with implants, prostheses of proper size are placed in the pockets that are prepared with the help of an incision made from the coccyx area. Moreover, if there are local collapses or cellulite views in patients, fat injection applications together with superficial liposuction will help us achieve the desired results.

As a personal approach, I frequently combine waist liposuction and butt aesthetic surgery. In this way, I experienced that it is possible to have a hollower and deeper waist curve, which is desired by most patients, and a more “outward” butt shape. In this way, you can reach your desired butt image, and you will get rid of the fat accumulations disturbing you.

The Surgery

In butt aesthetic surgery, the patient is asked not to consume foods or beverages 6 hours before the surgery. After this fasting period, patients who are admitted to the hospital are taken to their rooms; and are evaluated for the last time by the anesthetist and me. At this stage, firstly, photographs are taken and surgery drawings are made. Following the sedative drug administration, patients who have decreased tension and stress are taken to the surgery.

The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Post-operative Period

When you recover after the surgery, you will have a corset starting from the chest stretching down to your legs. For safety reasons, I often use drains in patients to whom prosthesis is applied in butt aesthetic surgery. I remove them on approximately the 2nd day.

Contrary to common expectations, butt aesthetic surgery is not a surgery after which you will experience serious pain. In addition, the post-operative analgesics (painkillers) will eliminate your complaints at a great deal. There are no obstacles for you to sit on your back or lie down after the surgery.

I discharge my patients who stay in the hospital one night after the surgery on the following day. After the 4th day, you can have a bath; and as of the 7th day, you can return to your normal life.

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